#SyrianRefugees Why Do You Hide Your Face!?

I took this video of the news this morning on First Coast News. Discussing Florida and Georgia not wanting to accept Syrian refugees. Why do you think this one dude in what is most likely stock footage, hiding his face while everyone else is waving and showing the peace sign?

Driving While Using a Cell Phone

Typically, I’m very guilty of ranting, raving, hooping and hollering, and loudly putting my point across… later on, I remind myself that the point could have reached more people if put together in a more meaningful format. With that said, I lead you to this:

Police officers are held to a higher standard of behavior by society, because they are stewards of the public trust and are empowered to apply force and remove constitutional privileges when lawfully justified. They take an oath of office, are expected to comply with professional codes of ethics, and are subject to various laws, rules, and regulations. Police professionals cannot simply think ethically; they must also act ethically.

This morning I encountered an unfortunate situation where a local Police Officer was using a cellular telephone while driving. In the first few moments of this interaction, I was forced to utilize my skills as a driver to avoid a collision. Thankfully, I did just that. After positioning myself behind the Police Officers car on Charlie Smith Sr. Hwy, and assessing the situation I quickly realized I was now “stuck” behind the Police Officer in our travels.

We proceeded to make a right on to Winding Rd. Winding Rd is named appropriately, it is a long, windy, 35 mph single lane roadway cutting through residential neighborhoods. At this time, the Police Officer was swerving, driving recklessly, failing to maintain a proper speed by repeatedly varying between 15 and 30 mph.

Fortunately, this is ALL recorded on my live, infinitely looping Dash Cam which is permanently mounted in my vehicle. I have the full experience as well as the identifying marks of the vehicle in 1080 HD Video format. Had I initially collided with this squad car, it would seem by default that I would’ve been at fault. Leading to tickets, insurance increases, personal property damage, and of course, the health of my wife and son.

Due to my respect for Law Enforcement Officials (which I admit is a constant internal battle), I will refrain from posting that Dash Cam video here on the internet. If this driver was “anyone else, or any civilian” then things would be different. This post would be a simple one-liner: “Look at this guy…” as I sit back and watch the comments on Social Media flow in.

Instead, I’m trying to “take the high road” (no pun intended) and advise the St. Marys Police Department to remind their Officers of the law. They must respect and abide by the laws that they help enforce in the community. Period.

Driving while using a Cell Phone is as equally dangerous as Driving Under the Impairment, driving while exhausted, and driving dangerously. As drivers we ALL have responsibilities to insure each other’s safety. The video caught on my Dash Cam is a perfect representation of how distracting and ineffective driving while using a Cell Phone truly is. It also has proven to be an effective tool in defending myself if ever need be. I only hope that our PD reads this, and silently, internally, reminds its Officers as to “why” we hold them to a higher standard.

Remember while out on the roads, you never know who is watching and recording you.

Green Smoke @greensmokecig Followup With Customer Service

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes has reached out to me, in the correct manner, and promises to make good and compensate for my experience. They agree that customer service needs to be brought up to the same par as the product itself. I will post some positives for you all as an update when the aforementioned becomes truth. Good on you guys, let’s see this happen.